Evansville Ballet Training Program:

The School of Evansville Ballet offers this program for the serious ballet student with emphasis on pre-professional training, time commitments, and work ethic in preparation for the careers available in the field of dance.

Levels 1/2:

In this entry level class for becoming an EB Company dancer, students broaden their concepts of creativity into the fundamental movements of ballet, developing the elements of muscle strength and control, memory and movement, proper placement of the body – arms, legs, and heads. Students will gain increased self – expression and confidence in this class.

Level 3:

At this level, students are guided through the structured syllabus designed to increase technique, stamina, and discipline. As these young dancers gain proficiency, emphasis is placed on consistent well placed execution of intermediate based exercises. These students are also introduced to concepts of musicality, performance skills, and elements of pointe-work.

Levels 4/5:

The program for the artist class is designed to bridge the gap between student and performer. A greater emphasis is placed on technical knowledge, musicality, artistic interpretation, and physical mastery. A great range of vocabulary, stylistic approach, variations, and performance skill is further developed. Classical repertoire, original choreography and the opportunity to work with choreographers on the creation of new work, as well as advanced pointe-work are explored and mastered at this level.

** All dancers in the EB Company Training Division are given the opportunity to perform throughout the season and will rehearse for scheduled performances as per the request of the Artistic Staff **

Open Class Division

Creative Movement: Ages 3-6

This class is designed to begin a child’s development in rhythm, movement and motor skills coordination, and to introduce the young dancer to the formal dance class environment.

Beginning Ballet 1/2: Ages 5-8

A further development of the awareness begun in Creative Movement, this class begins to expand on the technical training and more formalized ballet syllabus.

Open Ballet Technique

These classes are designed for the beginning or recreational student. Students are prepared for the discipline and structure of classical ballet and codified technique classes in an inviting atmosphere. The goal of this class is to introduce terminology and a basic understanding of the principle movement qualities of the technique.


These classes are scheduled to accommodate working adults.